Hardcore-Punk KingzCorner // Aachen

Doors: 20:00 Uhr
Start: 20:30 Uhr
Eintritt: 8€

"Nach zwei EPs und über 170 Shows in ganz Europa bringen Giver am 26.01.2018 ihr Debutalbum „Where The Cycle Breaks“ auf Holy Roar Records und Powertrip Records heraus. Melodic Hardcore im 2007er Bridge 9 Stil, der Bands wie Verse, Have Heart oder auch Comeback Kid referenziert. Der Sound baut auf Sing-Alongs, wuchtiges Riffing und schreibt den Punk-Anteil im Hardcore groß."

Tides Denied
"Tides Denied aus Paderborn und Kassel haben 2017 ihre zweite EP „Find Your Place“ auf Backbite Records veröffentlicht. Auf der neuen Platte liefert die Band einen rohen, angepissten Sound, der an Bands wie Youth of Today, Battery oder auch Carry On erinnert. Klassischer Hardcore-Punk ohne Schnörkel, mit hohem Tempo und trotzdem modern."

Defeated Decade
"Making a difference is what makes Defeated Decade tick. Their open minded attitude gives them the opportunity to take heed of many styles of music to create their own vibe on stage. Before writing and playing songs, they always think about the message that they want to bring across, wether political, social or personal.
This message is most often shared at the live shows, where Defeated Decade truly shines. They play fast paced hardcore with catchy, punk rock singalong choruses. Don't just keep hanging around at the bar though! In a moment's notice this band can twist their song around with a groovy two-step or a heavy breakdown that will send people flying through the room!
Defeated Decade is often compared (in sound) to bands like Stick To Your Guns, Terror, Comeback Kid, Trapped Under Ice, The Ghost Inside etc."

"We're part of a Band and a part of music, which is aggressive with a cause. We are tired of the dialy struggle at work and university. We don't want to see racists, sexists or other idiots anymore. And sometimes we're just depressed about the total shit. We want to be a part of something positive, that beliefs in solidarity and freedom. Hardcore- and Punkshows need to be a place again, where people can be what ever they want, without feeling judged because of their looks, gender or sexuality. We want to see new cities, new venues and to meet new friends. It's all about to share time with other people, that believe in the same values as we do. "

Aktuelle Infos zum Event:
Starts: 01.04.2018 20:00
Königstrasse 46
Aachen, Nordrhein-Westfalen